Residential Pumps & Pressure Tanks


For our water well pumps and services, we focus on the sale of high quality Goulds submersible pumps and pressure tanks. As a member of the Goulds Professional Dealers Association, you are guaranteed the highest quality submersible well pumps on the market, backed by a five-year limited warranty.

Some of the advantages of using Gould well pumps are:

  • All Goulds well pumps are factory tested prior to shipment.
  • Goulds offers an extended 5-year warranty.
  • Goulds has been one of the industry leaders in well pump production since 1848.
  • Goulds provides well pumps from 1/2-5 horsepower for residential applications.
  • Goulds provides continuing education and product upgrade seminars yearly for our installation professionals.

Pressure Tanks

A pressure tank provides the pressure you expect at the faucet and shower head. It also acts as a small reservoir to reduce the cycling on and off of the pump. It's important to have high quality equipment, which is why we also use Goulds pressure tanks.

New Way Drilling installs pressure tanks that are sized to fit each homeowner's needs. The typical installation is a 220-gallon system set to a minimum 40 PSI as part of our water well drilling service.

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