Water Well Drilling

Selecting a Water Well Drilling Contractor

The best well drilling contractors have a reputation of honesty and integrity. Their experience in the geographic area, as well as with regulatory standards, technology and equipment are also important aspects to look for. The driller you select should have the capability and experience to install an economical, productive and safe well regardless of the geological formation they may encounter. We are that drilling contractor.

New Way Drilling is professional in all aspects of the trade: from contact, estimates, written proposals, performance of work, to satisfactory completion and follow-ups.

We offer the following services to our water well customers:

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Water Well Safety

As a water well drilling company that prioritizes its customers and its employees, safety is our top priority. Each of our staff members receives various ongoing safety training through both government regulated and industry providers.

PGWA & DCNR Standards and Recommendations

New Way Drilling is a member of the Pennsylvania Ground Water Association (PGWA), a key organization whose goal is to promote the responsible development, management, use, and protection of Pennsylvania's groundwater. A major focus of the Association is educating Pennsylvania residents on the construction of water wells and the potential for ground water contamination.

The state of Pennsylvania is one of only two states in the country that do not regulate construction of water wells. That regulation is delegated to the local municipality but unfortunately most municipalities have chosen to follow the state standard and they too do not offer regulations to enforce the proper construction of water wells. Because there is no water well regulations, construction techniques can vary widely based on the drilling company chosen. PGWA studies show that approximately 40% of the wells in the state of Pennsylvania are contaminated with some form of bacteria and the primary source of this contamination is improper water well construction.

While the state does not regulate or enforce the proper construction of water wells it does outline recommendations which are published by the Pennsylvania Department of Conservation and Natural Resources (DCNR). You may view this documentation here. New Way Drilling only sells and installs water wells that adhere to the recommendations as published by DCNR. The website is a great educational resource for homeowners and we encourage you to check it out.

Additional Resources

Looking for more information on our water well drilling service or water well drilling in general? The links below can offer you more details about water well drilling, well maintenance, and well equipment. These are our favorite resources - be sure to take a look!

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About Us

New Way is an MSHA Certified Contractor. All of our employees receive MSHA required training. Our training program is available for your review upon request.